Our Top 10 Online Dating Tips

More people are using online dating sites to find a partner than ever before and the stigma surrounding online dating has long gone. Even with so many people logging on to find love you still need a strategy to get the most success, and so to help you, we've listed are our top 10 online dating tips below:

1. Choose a well known dating site

Choose a well-known dating site that has been tried and tested by other people before you. There are lots of online dating sites to choose from but if you compare our top 10 list you can get an idea as to which are the most popular and trusted. The bigger sites like eHarmony and Match have the most members but work quite differently from each other. eHarmony suggests your matches for you based on compatibility criteria whereas Match lets you search for matches yourself. Both have their pros and cons.

2. Upload your best photos

The first thing people look at is your photos and as these make up the most important part of your profile make sure they are good but also realistic one's of you. Make sure they are recent ones too (e.g. within the last 12 months) as you won't be able to hide how you look now when on a date. Upload some photos of you at interesting places such as recent vacations as this will portray you as a more interesting person.

3. Complete your profile

An incomplete profile gives the impression that you're not that serious. You don't have to complete it all in one go but keep adding to it each time you log in and try and get it to 75% or more complete. Keeping your profile up to date also helps to get more attention as dating sites will often list the most recent profile updates for other members to see.

4. Don't give out too much personal information

Don't give out any personal identifiable information about yourself in your profile such as your full name and home address and be cautious of anyone who contacts you but seems too good to be true as they could just be after your money.

5. Be realistic

Be realistic in who you contact. Don't just look for the perfect 'best looking' people otherwise you might waste a lot of your time writing emails but get no reply or at best be messed around by someone who is not really into you. Remember to ask yourself if the person you are going to contact is the type of person who would respond to your interest in real life.

6. Send lots of messages

Find as many people as you can who you think will be a good match for you and send them a message. Use the websites advanced search feature to filter your search to suitable matches. Not everyone will reply to your messages but the more work you put in the greater your chance of success.

7. Don't wait too long to arrange a date

Some singles spend too long chatting and texting before they meet up which can potentially lead to much disappointment if they find little or no chemistry between them on the date. The online stage of getting to know someone should be long enough to get to know a person’s background and interests and to avoid any undesirable characters but not too long that you've both raised your expectations too high. You really can't tell if you are both a true match for each other until you meet in person.

8. Meet safely

When you're finally ready to arrange a date, make sure it’s in a public place and tell a friend or family member where you're going. Arrange a friend to ring you during your date so your date knows someone is checking up on you. Follow your instincts and don't get drunk either.

9. Check how the site bills you

Pay sites tend to offer better customer service and have more members who are serious about dating, but you still need to be careful you don't end up paying more than you expected. Even if you decide to use a 'free' dating site many of these free sites will have paid options where you pay to get more exposure to your profile or to use more features of the site.

Most sites will automatically renew your paid membership when it expires so be sure to switch off the automatic renewal off or remember to cancel in good time before your renewal date is due.

If you've signed up for a free trial but the site doesn't meet your expectations, make sure you cancel before the trial period ends as most sites will automatically charge your credit card for an ongoing membership if you don't. Read the terms of the free trial carefully as they may require you to give notice of your cancellation a day or two before the trial ends. Some deceptive sites may still even try and charge your card if you follow their cancellation procedure correctly which is why it's important to sign up to one of the more reputable dating sites.

10. Be prepared for rejection

Don't take rejection personally as its part and parcel of dating and doesn’t mean you did anything wrong but just that there was not enough chemistry between with you and your date. Remember there are plenty more fish in the sea and there will be someone out there who will be more in tune with you.