How do we select the most trusted Dating Sites?

Unfortunately not all dating sites play fair and a minority will take your money by unscrupulous means. We try our best to keep these type of dating sites out of our listing by continually monitoring consumer-watch websites, and news and media reports of any online dating sites that are involved in any type of fraudulent behaviour.

The type of fraudulent activity that we look out for may include creating fake member accounts and generating fake interest (e.g. by email) towards other members with the sole intention of encouraging them to subscribe to a paid membership, and also dating sites that have a large number of spammers. This can be a particular problem with free dating sites which may have fewer resources to monitor their members.


In July 2013 the BBC Panorama TV documentary called: ‘Tainted Love: Secrets of the Dating Game’, revealed how certain dating sites were creating fake profiles and adopting multiple personas to attract new singles to register with them.

Following this TV programme and as a precaution we removed the following dating sites from our comparison listings:,,,,,,,, whose parent companies Cupid PLC and Global Personals were mentioned in this programme.

Further Information:

BBC Panorama – Tainted Love: Secrets of the Dating Game – Beware The Online Dating Scams

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